A.L.M. Academy

A.L.M. Academy is a renowned coaching institute based out of Gurugram, India with a global reach. Catering to hundreds of students every day, the aim of the organization is to provide alternative learning methods that make teaching nonconventional and fun.

Vikalp Series

Vikalp Series is one of its kind project which brings together top educators from India to provide consolidated 1000+ MCQs for 12th CBSE students. Being their digital marketing agency is a looping learning experience.

Services We Provided the brand

A.L.M. Academy being an institute known for its creative approach it was important for us to think beyond the box. Our team conceptualized a gamified and visual experience for students to perceive information easily and effectively.

Launching an app and a major series demanded a lot of graphics and videos. Our team created content in batches that were further designed into social media posts that can be used as Ads for further promotion. A set of reels was also released to ensure mass reach.

With more than 16 teachers coming together with vast diversity is not seen too often. The shoot was curated keeping in mind USPs of the series and unification of forces. The shoot was shot in black background to highlight teachers and their coming together.